Side effects of male enhancement pills

Male enhancement pills are the current rage and men with any form of sexual dysfunction are consuming them with reports that the effects are positive. With every passing day there is always news about one new or another brand that is mean to be better than everything else that is already in the market. There are a few men who are afraid of joining the bandwagon because they are a bit skeptical about all the hype surrounding these popular products. These men could be afraid that some manufacturers of these products do not list any negative side effects of male enhancement pills that users need be aware of so that they make informed decisions.

Understanding male enhancement pills

Male enhancement pills are basically drugs that are used in order to improve the sexual ability of a man who fails for one reason or another. Some of the effects of using male enhancement pills include gaining a bigger penis, increased libido, increased sexual stamina, enhanced climaxes as well as an increase in seminal volumes and powerful ejaculations.

Male enhancement pills are popular

Side effects of male enhancement pills

Ever since they were first used male enhancement pills have continued to be popular as more and more men continue to join the ranks of those who have used them. Men have a choice between synthetic and natural male enhancement pills with the latter being made form largely herbal extracts. Out of these two it is the herbal male enhancement pills that rank as the most popular ones because they are presumed to be natural hence healthier than the ordinary ones.

Side effects of male enhancement pills

Since there always two sides of any coin, we need to look at the downside of male enhancement pills as well. The effects of any product that men will use will be varied and will depend on the dosage as well as the ingredients used.  Some of the most common side effects of male enhancement pills include the following:

  • Priapism: Priapism is a medical condition which involves the penis remaining erect for a longer than normal period of time. When this occurs the penis can actually remain erect for hors on end even without any sexual stimulation and this is not just embarrassing but agonizing at worst. This happens because the blood that has been trapped in the penile shaft fails to be released due to blood control failures.
  • Stress and pressure: Male enhancement pills usually promote the flow of blood into the genital area which in itself is a positive thing. However, the flow of blood may not be concentrated only on the penis but the entire body as well and this puts a lot of pressure and stress on body organs and if this becomes too much it has been known to be fatal in some cases.
  • Other side effects: Other side effects of male enhancement pills include irregular heartbeats, hearing impairment, restlessness, poor vision, sleeplessness as well as seizures.

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